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Felix Larsen

My name is Felix.
I’m the owner of techsupgrade.com. I have worked on different projects as a writer, co-owner or consultant. But everywhere I have faced communication problems between several people working on the project. So I decided to create my own website. I thought for a long time about what niche to choose. Since I have been involved in various projects from repair to gambling, and by education I am a specialist in the protection of computer information, I had experience in different areas. In the process of writing content for other projects, as well as to check the text that my writers write, I came across the fact that a lot of unreliable information is in the top search. I realize that the Internet is a business, but I decided to make a site that will be useful to people who are looking for “how to” related to the IT industry and computers. On my site you will find many articles on how to solve your problems. Also for recreation I will post articles or drafts dedicated to my favorite kind of recreation – games. I wish you a pleasant reading.
Also if you can not find the information you need, at your request I will do research and post reliable information for you. Feel free to contact – infos@techsupgrade.com

Special Edition Techsupgrade

The language of casinos is increasingly creeping into everyday life. We started using phrases like “hit the jackpot” and “poker face”. They have become commonplace adding excitement to our conversations. This linguistic influence extends not only to words, but also to online casino music, where it plays a crucial role in shaping the experience. We don’t always pay attention to it. But these sounds, from the upbeat tunes on slot machines to the dramatic crescendo that accompanies big wins. Music very often influences our decision-making and behavior by creating an immersive atmosphere. Rationality often ends up taking a back seat to emotion. Online casinos, realizing the importance of meeting the diverse needs of players, have invested in various payment methods and PayID is no exception. This secure and convenient method allows for transactions without the need to enter long account numbers. It provides players with faster deposits, increased security and greater flexibility in managing their money. As the gambling industry continues to evolve, the integration of language, music and payment methods continues to improve the overall casino experience both online and offline. This “explosive” trio is becoming an integral part of the gambling industry. Sometimes we don’t even notice it and get caught up in the excitement. It is true that recently another technology has been added to them. The use of QR is rapidly gaining momentum in banking transactions. As millions of people have cell phones, this use of QR app becomes everyday and nobody is surprised by this technology.