Is Gambling Money Taxed in Australia?


Gambling taxation varies globally, with countries like the US imposing taxes on gambling winnings. However, Australia takes a unique approach, focusing on corporate taxation rather than individual earnings from gambling.

Money Taxed

Comparison of Gambling Taxation: Australia vs. the US

In the US, gambling winnings are subject to taxation, often at high rates. Conversely, Australia primarily taxes gambling at the corporate level, distinguishing itself from the individual-centric approach of the US.

Australia’s Perspective on Gambling

The Australian government perceives gambling as a game of luck rather than a legitimate source of income. As such, it categorizes gambling as a hobby or form of entertainment, not a profession.

Controversies and Debates on Gambling Taxation

Some argue that if gamblers can’t deduct their losses, they shouldn’t be taxed on their winnings. However, this viewpoint is met with counterarguments and differing perspectives.

Recent Developments in Australian Gambling Taxation

A task force within the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has been established to target high-level gamblers, reflecting ongoing efforts to regulate gambling activities and ensure compliance with tax laws.


Australia’s approach to gambling taxation is distinct, emphasizing corporate taxation and viewing gambling as a recreational activity rather than a means of generating income. As debates persist and regulations evolve, the future of gambling taxation in Australia remains a topic of interest and discussion.