Intel’s New 2024 Processors: What Is Known?


Intel’s latest release of its 14th Gen mobile and desktop processors marks a significant advancement in CPU technology. Among these releases, the introduction of the HX-series for gaming laptops promises to deliver unprecedented performance for gaming enthusiasts.

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Detailed Look at Flagship Models

Intel’s flagship model, the Core i9-14900HX, boasts an impressive array of features. With 24 cores and a turbo frequency reaching up to 5.8GHz, this processor sets a new standard for performance in the mobile computing arena. Additionally, the Core i7-14700HX offers notable improvements over its predecessor, including an increase in efficiency cores, further enhancing multitasking capabilities. On the desktop front, the introduction of the Core i9-14900 brings formidable processing power with its 24 cores, catering to the demands of high-performance computing tasks.

Technical Specifications

These new processors come equipped with support for up to 192GB of DDR5-5600 memory, ensuring smooth multitasking and seamless operation of resource-intensive applications. In terms of connectivity, Intel’s 14th Gen processors feature Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth 5.4, and Thunderbolt 5 support, offering users high-speed connectivity options for enhanced productivity and seamless device integration.

  • Product Collection – Intel® Core™ i9 Processors (14th gen)
  • Code Name – Products formerly Raptor Lake
  • Vertical Segment – Mobile
  • Processor Number – i9-14900HX
  • Lithography – Intel 7
  • Recommended Customer Price – $679.00

Performance Analysis

In performance tests, Intel’s i9-14900HX showcases superior performance compared to AMD’s Ryzen 9 7945HX across various benchmarks, highlighting its prowess in handling demanding workloads. However, the 14th Gen desktop CPUs face stiff competition from AMD’s top desktop gaming CPU, with Intel’s offerings falling short in terms of raw performance.

The Intel® Core™ Ultra processors represent a significant leap forward in Intel’s chip technology. Featuring an innovative 3D performance hybrid design, these processors integrate NPUs (Neural Processing Units) and potentially Intel® Arc GPU4 for enhanced graphics and AI acceleration. This enables users to experience cutting-edge AI functionalities such as real-time language translation, automation inferencing, and immersive gaming environments, all while optimizing power efficiency.


As Intel continues to innovate with its 14th Gen processors, the market can expect significant advancements in CPU technology. While these new releases showcase impressive performance gains, competition from rival AMD remains fierce. Nevertheless, Intel’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of computing power reaffirms its position as a leader in the processor market, setting the stage for exciting developments in the years to come.