Difference between I3 Processor, I5 Processor, and I7 Processor

Whenever we are planning to buy a laptop or desktop one question always arises in our mind is which processor we should buy. We have always a confusion between i3, i5, i7 processor. Once we decided to buy anyone from the above next we are again in confusion because of its generations.

Difference between I3 Processor, I5 Processor, and I7 Processor

In this article, we will clear all your confusion regarding i3, i5, i7 Processor, and its generations. intel has launched the processors i3, i5, i7 in the market.

I3 processor or I3 CPU

Firstly we are starting from the i3 processor, this is a basic processor among these three. It comes in dual-core technology if you want a piece of detail information about how core has an impact on the processor. Please have look at factors affecting the performance of the processor it will help you lot.

It comes with hyper-threading technology, in which the operating system considers the dual-core processor as a quad-core processor. This will improve performance by less power consumption and better-operating speed.

The processor comes with different clock speeds and different cache memory. Please check the article related to clock speed, you will get all information about clock speed and cache memory.

When we go for the I3 processor?

If you are looking for light work like internet surfing, doing official work on word, excel as well as for light gaming purpose. For students, it is more than enough for your study task. If you are a professional you can do your daily office work easily without any difficulty.

Now, if you want play some light games with i3 processor you have to make sure a graphics card, will run game smoothly.

I5 processor or I5 CPU

Secondly talking about the I5 processor, this comes with dual-core as well as quad-core. Dual-core is coming with hyperthreading technology with considering dual-core as a quad-core by OS, this is mainly used for laptops. If we take quad-core it doesn’t have hyperthreading enabled, so we can use for desktops only.

I5 processor have better performance than I3 processor. I5 has more cache memory, better clock speed that I3.

When we go for the I5 processor?

If you are looking for heavy tasks like using video editing software, tally software also designing software you should go for the I5 processor. You can paly heavy-duty games with the I5 processor. Additionally, a graphics card with it gives a smooth and satisfactory performance.

I7 Processor or I7 CPU

Thirdly talking about the I7 processor, this is intel best processor in the market. I7 comes in dual-core and quad-core. If we consider laptops dual-core are generally used in ultra-slim notebook and quad-core used in heavy laptops. for desktops generally, quad-core and octa-core are used.

I7 processor comes with hyperthreading technology which means it doubles its core at the time of use for better performance. It comes with the better cache memory and better clock speed that the i5 processor. Nowadays i7 is the best processor in the market.

When we go for the I7 processor?

If you are looking for high-end gaming this is the best processor you can buy blindly. Similarly, if you are doing video editing, graphics design, or any other heavy software it is the best processor.

Which one you should buy?

As discussed above the detailed information and their applications, you can choose between i3, i5, i7 processor for you. The conclusion for light work, go for i3 processor on the other hand for medium use, go for i5 processor, and for heavy and high end go for i7. generally for our daily routine of wor and gaming i5 processor is more than enough.

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