How to upload tones of paper documents into online dataroom

It’s no secret that for many companies, online dataroom has become the main work tool of the last few years. With its help, it is possible to perform a variety of work processes with maximum benefit for the entire company. In addition, most services have a simple and intuitive interface that can be mastered in just a few days. In general, the advantages of various cloud services are quite numerous and their number is increasing every year.

large number of documents

But the main thing for which virtual data rooms have gained their popularity is the ample opportunities for the storage and use of large amounts of data. Such digital archives become particularly useful during the development of an optimized document storage system with access for many users. For example, when establishing business relationships and conducting transactions, the exchange of documents is simply indispensable. With a virtual data room, this exchange becomes more profitable – no need to travel to the office for face-to-face meetings, no need to waste time looking for the necessary document or making arrangements for obtaining such documents.

How to use a virtual data room?

The functionality of most virtual data rooms does not require any special knowledge or skills. And the process of uploading documents to the repository requires a few simple steps:

  • First, you need to scan the documents;
  • Select files to upload to the repository;
  • Use the necessary tools to upload files;
  • Select a folder and the format of the documents to be uploaded.

Inside the repository, you can set up the most optimal organization of your documents. You can create several main folders, several smaller ones inside them, and so on. To avoid wasting time looking for a document you need in too many folders, you can set up a convenient search engine, such as a search by filename or by time of creation.

But what should you do if you need to upload a large number of documents? 

If you are just starting to use virtual data rooms, the first few months can be quite stressful, as you have to digitise an impressive amount of data to get your workflow up and running. It is possible to slightly modify the internal company structure and assign this work to specific employees or even a whole department (if there is such a possibility, of course). Each employee can then upload and save documents to the repository on their own.

But such long and painstaking work with a virtual room is usually unnecessary. Moreover, they can be avoided by setting up the basic functions of the platform. Many virtual rooms give you the ability to convert documents into the format you need for storage when you upload whole folders. It is not necessary to necessarily archive the contents of the folders before downloading them (although it is possible to do so if necessary). 

Virtual Data Rooms offer a wide range of options for uploading documents. To do so, select and set the settings, select the Virtual Data Room configuration index and start using it.