How to stop Alexa from listening to You

Alexa has become a clear example of how artificial intelligence can make our lives easier, and now she is an indispensable assistant both in everyday life and at work. However, the field of AI is still evolving and therefore it cannot be denied that some aspects of its device require improvement. For example, now Alexa is one of the main reasons why advertisers know all our weaknesses and desires. She “eavesdrops” on our conversations and if you want it to stop, in this article we will tell you about several ways and take back control of situations yourself.

Use the mute button

This seemingly primitive method turned out to be very working in practice. This button is a technically sound mute method, and Amazon has already proven that the microphone circuit of this smart device is not energized in mute mode.

The microphone mute button will look different depending on the model you are using. It can look like a microphone or a small circle with a line along which it moves. When you unplug the microphone, you will see the LED ring on the body of the device become Alexa red ring.

This method is great for those who don’t use Alexa very often. But if you actively use its services, turning off the sound will simply render it inoperative and render it useless. For such cases, there are other methods.

Toggle camera slider

This method is somewhat similar to the previous one. After you set the camera slider to “off” your screen will be blocked by a layer of the opaque shroud. But what distinguishes this method from the first one is the fact that the device can work quietly and execute commands even with a locked screen.

Disable Drop-in function

There is a lot of controversy and prejudice around the Drop-in function, this function was introduced into the device at about the same time as the Echo Show and works as a video and audio intercom. Thus, you can make video and ordinary calls through devices that are in the same house in different places.

But his problem is that when Echo is running, he can exchange data without a mini-barrier, which in turn does not exclude the possibility of surveillance from advertisers.

To disable the drop-in function, you need to go to the settings of your device, find the “connection” tab, and click on it. A new window will open in front of you in which the settings of the parameters associated with the Drop-in function will be located, including its disabling.

Change your privacy settings to be less “useful”

Without leaving the settings, you can perform another additional security measure, in the form of disabling voice data that comes to Amazon.

To do this, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to settings and then to the “Alex’s Privacy” tab
  • Scroll down and find the “Help develop new features and use messages to improve transcription” function, then turn it off

Thus, all the commands that you give to Alexa will become less accessible for everyone to see.

Delete call history

By deleting all the archived data that Alexa stores, including your calls, commands, etc., they can also protect you from unnecessary “ears” and it is advisable to perform this practice regularly. To do this:

  • Go to settings, “Alex’s privacy” tab and find the option “View voice history”
  • You will be presented with the entire list of your past interactions with the device
  • Find the “Date Range” and select “All History”, then tap the link “Delete all records for the entire history”