Enhancing Sports Videography with the PortKeys LH7P Field Monitor

In the fast-paced world of sports videography, each frame matters. Capture football games or gymnastics gracefully with the right gear. PortKeys LH7P field monitor stands out in this industry. Let’s explore how it elevates your sports videography game.


The LH7P boasts a 7-inch, 1920×1080 resolution display, ensuring clarity. This high-res screen captures every detail with precision, critical for scrutiny. Whether tracking a soccer ball or a basketball player’s footwork, LH7P delivers.

Real-time focus is paramount in sports videography, and LH7P excels. Equipped with peaking, false color, and zoom, ensuring razor-sharp focus. Peaking outlines in-focus areas, while false color aids exposure judgment.

Wireless control is a game-changer, adjusting settings from the monitor itself. No need to return to the camera for focus, exposure, or white balance. Watch the video to witness this revolutionary feature in action.

LH7P is designed for versatility, easily mounting on various camera setups. Its lightweight and compact form adapt to DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and gimbals. Capture sports from different angles with ease.

Customizable user interface empowers you to tailor settings to your preferences. Adjust brightness, contrast, or color temperature based on event demands. The LH7P puts control in your hands for optimal performance.

Impressive battery life ensures prolonged shooting during lengthy sports events. Compatibility with various battery types adds flexibility to your shooting schedule. LH7P is a game-changer for sports videography.

Elevate your sports footage with its high-res display and focus tools. Versatility, customization, wireless control, and long-lasting power make LH7P formidable. Invest in PortKeys LH7P to revolutionize your sports videography workflow.